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Echoing Innovation,
A New Era of Sound

KuraDa was born out of the passion of two headphone enthusiasts, IIDA and IIKURA. Named after its founders, the brand has challenged traditional headphone concepts with its bold manufacturing methods and avant-garde approach. Its previous products have established new milestones in the industry, breaking barriers and delivering exceptional auditory experiences.

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THE Founder : 

"We're all about tapping into the power of music through our headphones. Music has this incredible ability to lift spirits, provide comfort, and sometimes, bring back those precious memories. Our products are designed to bring that power of music closer to you. They're crafted to capture every little nuance in the sound and offer a comfortable fit even after hours of wearing. To achieve this, we've been continuously researching and innovating. Because music, at its core, is emotion made tangible. And our goal? To convey those emotions in their purest form to you."

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