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Product Features

■Original 53mm Driver Unit: 

Delivers clear, powerful audio with precision.

■Full Wood Housing: 

Crafted without plastic, this housing enhances sound integrity, providing a natural acoustic environment.

■Deep Polyester Coating: 

Adds a sleek, visually appealing finish that protects and enhances the wood's natural beauty.

■Optimized Acoustic Properties: 

Features a sound board on the back of the housing, designed to refine audio fidelity.

■Protein Leather Ear Pads & Headband:  

Made from material closest to human skin for superior comfort during long listening sessions.

■Durable Band Frame: 

Engineered to withstand tough conditions without compromising on performance.

■Bearing-Supported Joints: 

Ensures smooth adjustments while minimizing wear noise for an uninterrupted audio experience.

■Paulownia Wood Storage Case: 

Each set includes a custom-made box for elegant storage and protection.










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