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Product Features

■Heritage of the "Resonating Wood" Concept

The KD-FP10 inherits the fundamental structure of the full wood housing from its first model, the "KD-FP10," and is further developed to produce an all-encompassing sound across a wide range from lows to highs. Utilizing the full wood housing manufacturing techniques perfected with the FP10, the completely newly designed C10 wood housing achieves a significant weight reduction of approximately 100g. Transitioning from the open type of the FP10 to the closed type, the C10 offers increased sound isolation, allowing for more focused enjoyment of music.

■Large Diameter 53mm Driver Unit

Featuring a large diameter 53mm driver unit equipped with a powerful neodymium magnet, capable of generating substantial magnetic energy.

■Hybrid Full Wood Housing Using Two Types of Wood

By using two types of wood with different vibration coefficients, we have achieved an acoustical structure that naturally resonates the wood. Hard maple is used for the baffle surface where the unit is mounted, while black walnut is chosen for the exterior housing cup. The surface features a glossy, mirror-like polyester coating, as used in the FP10, enhancing the beautiful grain of the black walnut. The headband's moving parts are supported by stainless steel bearings, eliminating noise and distortion for smooth operation.

■Synthetic Leather Ear Pads Close to Human Skin

The ear pads, increased in surface area compared to those used in the FP10, optimize the setting of lateral pressure, making it possible to wear them comfortably for longer periods. As a result of pursuing a skin-friendly material, synthetic leather was chosen, which is lighter compared to regular leather.


■Paulownia Wood Storage Case Included

The paulownia box, known for its humidity-controlling properties, has been traditionally used in Japan to store precious items. This storage case is included with the product to maintain the optimal condition of the headphones.


1stモデル 「KD-FP10」 の基本構造であるフルウッドハウジングを踏襲し、FP10よりさらに低域から高域までワイドレンジレンジにオールマイティな音を目指し開発されました。FP10により培ったフルウッドハウジング製造技術を駆使し、完全に新設計となったC10のウッドハウジングは約100gもの軽量化を達成。開放型であったFP10から密閉型へと変更されたC10はより高い遮音性を獲得しており、音楽により集中してお楽しみ頂けます。










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